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QAPI How-To: 10 Easy Steps to QAPI

$ 99.00

QIRT experts walk you through creating a QAPI program in 10 easy steps... including scenarios. QIRT experts will walk you through how to create a QAPI program in 10 easy steps. This is not How To Lose a Guy in 10 Days (thank you, Kate Hudson, for that exceptional knowledge), but this information is just as important to know! Join us as we walk through scenarios and practice completing the steps:

  1. How to write a vision, mission, QAPI purpose statement and guiding principles
  2. How to complete a QAPI Self-Assessment
  3. How to pick the perfect QAPI Committee – who should be involved?
  4. How to pick individual QAPI Goals
  5. How to pick which data to use
  6. How to pick your first PIP
  7. How to write a PIP Charter and pick who will be on the PIP team
  8. How to present it to the Governing Body and get approval
  9. How to analyze your PIP results
  10. Now are we done?

      Join Sarah Green RN, BSN, MBA, HCS-D, COS-C and Shelley Eagleton, MBA, BS, RN for this informational pre-recorded webinar, August 2018.